Uni Ads

Our exposure. Your advantage. Online and offline.


Go where your clients are headed.

People are always on the move, and so should your brand be. Through UniAds, you have the benefit of interacting with millions of people, both online and offline, in the country.

Integration online-to-Offline.

We will integrate your marketing messages through touchpoints with our vast on-ground fleet and rich digital presence to operate seamlessly and more efficiently.

Connecting with the right crowd.

By having the right ad placements at the correct place and time, both online and offline, UniAds will help you recognize and reach unique audiences.

Trusted partner of yours.

Trust is one of our main principles at Uni, which applies to UniAds. We are committed to ensuring that only appropriate and checked viewers are properly shown the advertising of your brand, while also respecting consumer privacy.

Collaborate with us

To build awareness, engage your audience and cause action with UniAds, let us help you achieve your business goals.


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