Impacting lives by connecting Southeast Asians

At UNISTANI, our mission is to create a safer everyday for our customers and partners, as well as the community as a whole.


Dedicated to our everyday heroes

During the pandemic, we saw a community of strangers connected in more ways than they realise, through the good that they do. Every driver-, delivery- and merchant-partner, every health and essential service worker, and every UNISTANI customer, who supported each other—we dedicate our efforts, and this report to you.

Sustain as many livelihoods as we can

We have helped accelerate the digitalisation of small and traditional businesses, and stimulated the growth of the gig economy, thus creating new income opportunities for more Southeast Asians.

We’ve committed $40 million and launched >100 initiatives to support our partners through the pandemic

More delivery orders meant more income opportunities for 115,000 new delivery-partners

>78,000 new merchant-partners joined UNISTANI, opening up new opportunities for their business

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