UNISTANI, our mission is to create a safer everyday for our customers and partners, as well as the community as a whole.


Everyday app. Everyday safety.

At UNISTANI, we provide safer environment for the customers partners and society from the day one.


How safe is UNI-Ride?

As a leading everyday SUPER-APP in Southeast Asia, we want set the safety standard as per the industry norms to create safer community and society as a whole and we are committed to do it.

What we believe and trust

There are a few rules we live and stand by. Non-negotiable, of course. These policies serve as our fundamental principles that we practice and abide by, in creating a safer every day.

Read on to see how we put trust and safety first, in everything we do.

Code of Conduct

Legal compliance, safety, security and service standards we expect of our partners.

Data Privacy

Our promise to keep your personal data and information safe and secure.

Terms and conditions of services:

Conditions that apply to any usage of Unistani’s services.

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