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Please note that UNISTANI Share is not currently active in any city.

We are doing our very best to ensure this list is updated frequently and accurately. Despite our best efforts, certain discrepancies may occur.

How many passengers are allowed?

As of now only 2 passengers are allowed to travel as per guidelines provided by the government of India. So it will be driver plus 2 PAX (Adult or child) However, these guidelines might vary as per local regulations.

Can I book a ride to any area within the city?

At present, bookings are permitted only from and to Green and Orange zones. Also, within orange zones certain areas are identified as ‘containment zones’ and are restricted for travel. Hence, considering all these guidelines, bookings will be allowed in the app as per the zone specific regulations.

What are the categories available?

Operational categories: Mini, Prime(all), Auto, Rental & Bike. Auto & Bike categories are available only for a few cities. Rental services are disabled in the cities which has containment zones

Are the cabs sanitized?

We have informed our partners to follow all precautionary measures like wearing a mask and keep the cars clean.

Will all partners be trained on new guidelines issued by MHA on customer limits to travel?

Yes - Our driver partners are informed to follow the agreed passenger limits and precautionary measures

What if a customer wants to book a cab for COVID 19 patients?

Yes you can book from the customer app. However, booking acceptance is based on drivers discretion.You can alternatively contact medical authorities for ambulance (or) medical arrangements

Will share rides be available?

No – Currently UNISTANI share is not operational due to government guidelines on social distancing Was this article helpful?

Will sanitizer and mask be provided by the DP?

We are sorry to inform that drivers or UNISTANI will not providing masks, we request you to carry your own mask

What happens during 7pm to 7am since no movement is allowed in any zones?

Cabs are based on availability and should be booked only for essential travel purpose

Will the Rentals category be enabled for booking?

Yes – Rentals category has been enabled for now to travel within city limits in permitted zones

Will emergency category bookings be still allowed?

Yes - Emergency bookings are allowed in certain Red zones for now to travel to hospitals only

Will the drivers be wearing masks?

Yes – We have strictly instructed our drivers to wear masks. If there are any deviations, you can choose to cancel the ride by selecting an appropriate reason and we will take necessary actions.

Will the drivers be wearing masks?

Yes – We have strictly instructed our drivers to wear masks. If there are any deviations, you can choose to cancel the ride by selecting an appropriate reason and we will take necessary actions.

How to create an UNISTANI account?

Here are a few tips to help you get started with UNISTANI:

- While registering, please select your signup country and enter the mobile number that you would like to use to book an UNISTANI ride. You will receive an OTP on your phone to verify your mobile number.

-Next, enter the details such as your name and email to create an UNISTANI account. Once you've filled in all the details, tap REGISTER.

If you have a referral code, you can apply the referral code in Got a referral code? You can earn a free-ride coupon by entering a referral code while signing up. You can get the referral code from a friend who has an UNISTANI account. The referral code can be found in the Refer & Earn section of your friend's UNISTANI app.

Note- If the mobile number entered is correct and you haven’t received the SMS with OTP details, you can request for OTP again by clicking on Resend OTP or Get OTP over a call.

Please note that there is a limit on the number of accounts that can be created on one mobile device.

How to register using a referral code?

While registering with UNISTANI, you can choose to enter the referral code of a friend who has a valid UNISTANI account. Depending on the reward policy applicable to your friend’s account, you may receive a free ride coupon, which you can use on your first UNISTANI ride

You cannot use the free ride coupon if your first ride is an UNISTANI Share or Auto ride.

Note- It is NOT mandatory to enter a referral code to register with UNISTANI. If you don’t have a referral code, you can continue to create your UNISTANI account by selecting REGISTER after filling all the required fields such as email ID, password and mobile number.

You will receive a free-ride coupon when you register using a referral code only if:-

  • - You are eligible for one based on the referral policy applicable to your friend’s UNISTANI account.
  • - You have never booked an UNISTANI before using your registered mobile number or email ID.
  • - Neither you nor your friend has viUNISTANIted any of the terms and conditions of our referral program. Please refer to our referral terms and conditions here.

If you didn’t receive a free-ride coupon on registering with UNISTANI but think you are eligible for one, please click here.

Once you have an UNISTANI account, you can share your referral code with friends from Refer & Earn section in UNISTANI app menu.

Click here to get started by inviting your friends.

I forgot password for my account

If you have forgotten the password of your UNISTANI account, follow the steps given below to reset your password.

  • - Click on Forgot Password? link available on the screen to reset your password.
  • - You will receive
  • a password reset link on your email ID registered with UNISTANI. Please use the link sent to your email ID to reset your password.
  • - On Set password screen, enter a new password.
  • Note- Your new password should be a minimum of six characters and a mix of both alphabets and numbers.
  • - Re-enter your new password to verify.
  • You will be successfully logged in to your UNISTANI account.

How to change password for my account?

You can change your UNISTANI account password from your UNISTANI app. All you need to do:-

  • - Go to your app menu to view your name and mobile number.
  • - Tap your name to visit Profiles & Settings.
  • - Tap on Password to change the password. You will be asked to enter your current password before you can create a new one.
  • - Enter your New password (minimum of 6 characters and a mix of alphabets & numbers).
  • - Confirm your new password and click Save to update your password.

What is Corporate Profile?

Corporate profile offers you the convenience of managing your corporate travel more efficiently with your UNISTANI app. By creating a corporate profile, you can :-

- Tag Corporate Rides: Separate your personal and official rides.

- Add Ride Reasons: Add reasons to remember trip details before or after the ride.

- Simplify Reimbursements: Receive consolidated invoices for all your official rides.

Corporate profile also offers the option of sending weekly or monthly travel reports summarizing the corporate rides taken during a period, thus reducing the hassle of managing multiple invoices.

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