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UNISTANI Provides online transportation services, food delivery, shopping for daily necessities and professional service providers on demand in one mobile app platform.

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An On-Demand delivery app for Andoird & Ios which helps you run your daily tasks.It helps to solve daily problems such as posting parcels, forgetting items, buying last minute gifts.UNISTANI is an India’s No 1 digital wallet that takes cashless and card-less spending to the next level. We bring you a faster, easier, and more secured way of paying for all online and offline transactions.

India’s best talents continue to help UNISTANI grow and develop into a one-stop solution for your daily activities; from transfering money, and purchasing in UNISTANI merchants, to topping up mobile credit and paying for your bills.

At UNISTANI, we are equipped to support the environment commitment of creating a cashless society and efficient country


To make sure we provide the best On Demand Services & Digital Platform in South East Asia has ever seen. UNISTANI aims to bring in inclusive financial services to empower people for a better living. We aim to be one of the Pillar of Digital Economy in India by enabling the society to transact seamlessly. ... Join us and together we build india’s cashless society.

All-in-one Service

Transact with ease, send money,pay bills, e-commerce purchases and On Demand Services.

We are consistent in creating positive social impacts for all UNISTANI Users.

Social Impact


UNISTANI app, you can access more than 32 services ranging from transportation, ordering food, shopping, payment, massage, to cleaning houses and vehicles. We have solutions for all your Needs.

Advanced technology

UNISTANI is built and developed on the basis of world advanced technology, has been improving the quality of life for millions of people in Southeast Asia.

Simplifying lives.
One ride at a time.


Eliminating all worries when moving daily traffic such as traffic jams, parking spaces, unconnected streets, UNISTANI app, you can access more than 32 services ranging from transportation, ordering food, with a team of dedicated drivers created to provide optimal service for all needs. Bridge on your move.

Ride Safe. Ride Smart.

Follow traffic laws and park responsibly. We recommend you always wear a helmet and be careful with your speed.

Lowest Prices

We make sure that Ryders pay less to get cost-effective UNIBike services.

We believe UNIBike drivers make happy customers!

Transparent, comfortable work!

Without exploitation and games of any kind, freeloaders give a definite appreciation for those of you who work hard. The results of hard work that you get, is entirely your right without deductions, without commissions, or other obligations.

Why Join the UNISTANI Family?

Being with UNISTANI means being on the highest earning platform! So, what are you waiting for? Join us to earn the most!

Your Ride is Insured

UNISTANI cares about your safety. And to keep you safe, UNISTANI is giving you insurance coverage

Earn More with Bonus With UNISTANI’s daily quests and attractive special offers, you can extra regularly.

Get Your Payment on Time With UNISTANI, you will never face a delay in payment. Get your payment in the shortest time!

Toward safety!

UNISTANI cares about your safety, by ensuring that every trip is protected from the risk of accidents and crime on the road.

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